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Calgary youth march against climate change

A group of about 30 Calgary students joined the Fridays for Future movement by voicing their concern on climate change in front of city hall on Friday.

The global movement was started by Greta Thunberg, Swedish student and climate activist who started the first school strike for climate outside the Swedish parliament building in August 2018.

The movement aims to urge governments to take action against the global warming and climate change. This was the second Friday that the Calgary students marched in support of this movement.

Elizabeth Airch, high school student, voices her concerns on climate change during a climate strike rally on Friday, March 22, before the city hall. AZIN Ghaffari

Even though some of the participants in the weekly march are not of voting age, they encourage voters to support environmentally-conscious candidates.  

Rose Jackson, 18, urges the Canadian government to take action against climate change among her fellow students in a rally on Friday, March 22, before the city hall. AZIN Ghaffari

“One of the top priorities when you are voting is the future of the planet,” said Elizabeth Airch, a student at Central Memorial High School.

Joe Vipond who accompanied his three children in the rally said the students are trying to change people’s attitudes towards complacency.

Calgary students joined the global movement, Fridays for Future, to compel governments to stop the climate change and global warming. . AZIN Ghaffari

“I’m here because I’m scared that I won’t have a future and my children won’t have a future. And I want our government to take climate action,” said Willa Vipond, 11.