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Prince of Peace Lutheran School gets five-year lease extension

The Prince of Peace Lutheran School has found a five-year reprieve, but it comes with a catch.

Last year, parents were rallying to save the school, which was set to have its lease expire. The building owner, Sage Properties, was looking to sell.

Now the Rocky View school board has signed a five-year lease, but there is an 18 month termination clause according to Michelle Robinson, a parent of a child at the school.

“If someone comes along and wants to buy it, they have 18 months to shut down the school,” she explained.

“I can tell you that a majority of us are happy – over the moon, actually – but for me personally, I just see that five-year deadline is looming as well as the 18-month get-out clause. That’s not fair to the next group of kids that come through”

A letter from Todd Brand, board chair of Rocky View Schools, alerted parents to the deal.

“While not fully addressing the long-term accommodation of the school, this lease allows time for further options to be examined,” he wrote.

Prince of Peace Lutheran is a Christian public school located just outside Calgary city limits. It’s operated by Rocky View Schools, but has a number of Calgary students who attend.

Robinson said a motion was passed at a recent meeting that will stop new Calgary-based students from enrolling, although those already attending will be allowed to continue.