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Second Calgary community rink hit with snowblower theft

Two community associations in Calgary’s northeast have now reported having snow clearing equipment stolen in the past few weeks.

Livewire first reported on the theft of a snowblower and snow brush from the Falconridge Castleridge Community Association.

However the adjacent community of Whitehorn also had its snowblower stolen from the community’s rink.

Saroz Khunkunh, community association president, said staff only recently discovered the snowblower had been taken.

“Our facility person was kind of walking around last week and he noticed there was no lock on the shed,” she said.

Security footage showed the theft happened sometime between 11:55 p.m. on Jan. 25 and 12:05 a.m. on Jan. 26.

She said the snowblower was mainly used to keep the community’s ice rink clear.

“The snowblower was well used. It goes right back to our community and getting our kids outside,” she said.

The snowblower was about two years old. In Falconridge, their snowblower had just been purchased at the end of December, but they also had an older snow brush stolen.

Lee Pederson, The Falconridge Castleridge Community Association’s general manager, said their equipment was also taken in the middle of the night by people who appeared to have planned ahead.

Khunkhun said given the insurance deductible, they might not bother going through insurance, but they will check into it.

Members of the community association have been using their personal snowblowers in the meantime.

Khunkhun said she wouldn’t be surprised if thieves are targeting community associations for these sorts of thefts.

“They know that there’s nobody there,” she said. “Ours was taken around midnight. They were smart enough to know where our cameras were.”

She said it’s unfortunate because the equipment really belonged to the community.

“It’s unfortunate, but we’ll find a way and we’ll get this figured out.”