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Insurgency game developer New World Interactive to open Calgary studio

The award-winning developer of the Insurgency video game franchise is launching a new studio in Calgary this May.

Denver-based game developer New World Interactive made the announcement Wednesday, dubbing the proposed Calgary location, “New World North.”

According to a press statement released Wednesday, the expansion comes as a result of “sustained company growth after the highly successful PC launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm and upcoming console version slated for 2019.”

The release goes on to say that the New World North studio will provide ongoing support for the Sandstorm title and provide development on an as-yet-unannounced future title.

Initially, 15 people from other locations will be consolidated in Calgary at a leased space in Inglewood, Keith Warner, President of New World Interactive, told LiveWire via an emailed response to questions. That number could grow to 25 by the end of 2019, he said and with steady growth they could reach 50 members in the next few years.

He said availability of local, provincial and federal incentives, along with space availability and new projects in the pipeline will affect their growth trajectory.

Warner said when we first arrived in Calgary to scout the location, he was greeted with “open arms.” He said a prime reason for targeting the city was a high quality of living for employees, available incentives and the general cost of doing business here.

“In addition to all of the foregoing, I recognized the opportunity to impact a city and be part of a wave of growth of the next generation of game dev’s in Calgary, to bolster the Alberta gaming scene. The opportunities keep coming and coming and I think that we will have an impact in Calgary, and Alberta, beyond just our game studio,” Warner wrote.

“Also, I envision an opportunity for many of our team members to be part of the gaming education scene in Calgary and I think that the entire area is hungry for the type of energy and impact that we can help facilitate. This is one of the most exciting points in the history of our company.”

The company anticipates a May 15, 2019 opening for the studio.

They have been working through the application process for incentives and Warner said their growth is “predicated on that given the many confirming conversations” they’ve had with Calgary Economic Development and others.  

“As Calgary establishes a growing presence in the full spectrum of creative industries to have an industry leader like New World Interactive establish its Canadian headquarters here adds a global player to the growing ecosystem we have in place. We are thrilled to welcome them to Calgary,” said Mary Moran, President & CEO of Calgary Economic Development, in the company’s press release.

Launched in 2010, New World Interactive gained commercial success with the first Insurgency title in 2014 and the shooter game Day of Infamy in 2016. Combined, the company says more than 6 million units have been sold worldwide on PC.

The company will be hiring for all disciplines and those interested in applying can do so here: jobs@newworldinteractive.com