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Common Ground YYC – Episode 6 – Mary Moran, Calgary BidCo CEO

Mary Moran was tasked with challenge of putting together a responsible Calgary 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic bid that citizens could get behind.

She took on the role in August of 2018 and with along with the BidCo team has been working tirelessly championing Calgary’s opportunity to host the world.

In this episode, host Josh White takes Moran through what he calls “steel man” arguments against hosting the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, combing through some of the most complex economic questions surrounding the bid.

Moran also addresses the divisiveness around this event and the fear over increased taxes and government cost.

As an economic developer, Moran sees this as a huge opportunity.

“From an economic developer’s perspective having a global spotlight makes it easier going into jurisdictions and selling Calgary because all of a sudden there’s awareness.

“Even though we got a big boost in global awareness from 1988, it’s waning.”