Common Ground YYC – Episode 3: Elsbeth Mehrer, YWCA Calgary

"MeToo has given space for women and for men to talk about something that for so long has gone unspoken." - Elsbeth Mehrer

Elsbeth Mehrer - VP People and Engagement YWCA. TWITTER PHOTO

Fresh off the US Senate hearing, the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and sexual misconduct allegations surrounding the the appointment of Brett Kavanugh to the US Supreme Court (and the subsequent Calgary media column that sparked backlash), Josh White and his guest dive right into the heat of the action.

Elsbeth Mehrer,  Vice President, Engagement & People with the YWCA of Calgary, joins Josh as they delve into MeToo, the work of the YWCA in Calgary and ongoing challenges women face in the city.





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