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Popular Calgary rock choir expands to northwest, Airdrie and Cochrane

It’s time to take your singing skills from the shower to the stage.

And this growing Calgary choir strikes the right chord with their imported UK pop/rock concept.

Cool Choir launched in Calgary’s inner city under the direction of founder James Serafi and has crescendo’d to more than 350 vocalists – and now they’re expanding.

“We’re pleased to add three more Cool Choir locations to our family in September. We have selected Cochrane, Airdrie and NW Calgary because these communities welcome arts and culture as well as support local small business,” said Serafi.

The choir, which started in 2016, turns the traditional choir concept on its ear, Serafi said, as instead of belting out your typical hymnals, the Cool Choir jazzes things up with classic and modern rock and pop tunes.

Cochrane vocal coach and musician Emma Harding will direct the three new choirs, set for launch later in September.

“I’m so pleased and excited to support my hometown economy with an arts-based business that allows me to share my passion for music with friends and neighbours, and build a stronger community,” said Harding.

“Cool Choir is unique in that it gives people somewhere, not only to come and sing, but a place to make friends, socialize, let off steam and become part of a family community that’s fun and supportive to its members.”

The Cool Choir currently operates at locations in Lincoln Park, Inglewood and Hillhurst Sunnyside. The expansion will take them to Cochrane and Airdrie and the northwest community of Hawkwood.

Choir member Marielena Nunez said this twist on the typical choir makes her feel like a rock star.

“People with or without music knowledge can learn to sing here. Every one of us attending the weekly sessions ends up charged with the right energy and vibes from communal singing, laughing, loving and learning. At the end of the night we feel like rock stars!”  Nunez said.

For more information, visit coolchoir.com.