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Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin to retire in January

Calgary’s chief of police has announced he will retire in early January,

The news was made public by a press release from the Calgary Police Commission on Tuesday morning.

Brian Thiessen, chair of the police commission, said his retirement will be effective on Jan. 6, 2019.

“The Commission respects this decision and we sincerely thank the Chief for his leadership, integrity, and openness during a time of transformation for the Calgary Police Service,” said Thiessen in a prepared statement.

“Chief Chaffin set the Calgary Police Service on a course to become a modern police service that reflects the values and characteristics of our community.”

In the same release, Chaffin said his decision is not based on any single event or issue.

“When I accepted the position three years ago, it was with a goal to provide long-term resiliency through modernization and an evolved model of policing,” said Chaffin in his statement.

Chaffin took the helm of CPS just as several complaints and allegations of bullying and harassment inside the force were coming to light.

He also addressed a spate of police shootings by ordering a report to be authored by retired Chief Justice Neil Wittmann. That report, released at the end of May, made 65 recommendations on items such as training, equipment, and recruitment.

The police commission said it will strike a hiring committee on July 31 to find a replacement.