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“Have to get through us first”: Notley attacks United Conservatives in speech

CALGARY — In a campaign-style speech to party supporters, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley labelled the opposition United Conservatives a party of narrow self-interests determined to take the province backward.

Notley noted that UCP party members, at their recent founding convention, voted to expand private health care, scrap the progressive income tax and have parents told when their child joins a gay-straight alliance.

She also pointed out that the UCP caucus members walked out of the legislature chamber 13 times rather than vote on a bill to better protect women and staff from being harassed at abortion clinics.

Notley told the crowd that calls from the UCP to reduce the deficit will lead to mass layoffs for teachers and nurses.

She says her government is making progress diversifying the economy, and reducing waste and high salaries in government agencies, boards and commissions.

Albertans will go to the polls next spring in a general election.

The Canadian Press