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We truly are people powered! Our stories focus on Calgarians, the issues important to them, with them as a part of our narrative.

We deliver these stories by bringing you facts. People. Solid information. We don’t choose a narrative and line up voices to back it up. That’s not daily news you can trust.

If everyone that viewed a story in November 2020 (94,500 visitors, with 121,750 views) contributed $1, just once, we’d have enough funds to sustain our current operation for two years.

If those same visitors contributed just $1 per month we could:

  • Fund 6 full-time daily news journalists
  • Fund a deep investigation team with two journalists (with research budget)
  • Fund 2 full-time photographers
  • Fund a dedicated online / social media editor
  • Fund an additional assignment / content editor (fact check, work with writers)
  • Continue to fund ongoing freelance content
  • Fund a small, centrally-located, public-facing street location where journalists come together

… and we’d still have money left over for special projects or community endeavours.

A question we often ask, is, “would patrons walk into a coffee shop and not contribute for the coffee?” Why is news different?

It’s a conversation we’re hoping to have with Calgarians. It doesn’t take much to fund a robust local news team.

If you’re having trouble finding news that reflects your neighbourhood or your community, we understand.

That’s why we exist. We’re here to fill that growing void. To do it, we need members just like you.

Since we launched in June 2018:

  • We’ve published more than 2,000 stories.
  • We reached more than 228,000 Calgarians in 2019; 592,000 already in 2020 (and growing!), with 770,000 views.
  • We’ve touched on more than 84 Calgary communities.
  • We’ve enlisted (and paid) the skills of more than 26 local freelance writers.
  • We’ve worked with (and paid) 7 freelance photographers
  • We’ve published multiple community contributors

The reality is, we’re still a startup. While we’re building a viable and sustainable foundation we need your membership support.

Our single payment option is right below. Consider supporting us monthly.

Building a new media model

Many of you are familiar with our Patreon crowdfunding portal. It’s a place where you sign up as a member to support our community news efforts.

Many people have asked for a single pay membership option. We listened. We chose PayPal because it’s effective, well-known and trusted. Many of you already use it for your secure online transactions.

Your new membership: Thank you!

The same rules apply here as they do on Patreon. Any membership contribution made will go straight to journalism. It won’t go to operations. That means any contribution you make has a DIRECT impact on the number of stories we can tell.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a charity, nor are we a non-profit organization or society. Tax receipts will not be issued.

As always – your feedback on this new single pay membership system is welcome! Hit up our editor, Darren Krause with questions.