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Four charges laid after September 2023 Rundle dog attack

Calgary police have charged a Calgary dog owner after a September incident that left a pregnant woman injured and her dog dead.

On Sept. 17, Calgary bylaw was informed of an incident where two dogs were running loose in the northeast community of Rundle, with one of them allegedly getting involved in an attack on another dog.

After a review of the evidence, Calgary bylaw said that only one of the two dogs is believed to have caused injuries to the victim’s dog. They said while the city’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw allows offending dogs to stay with their owners under strict conditions, they are considering an application to have the dog designated as vicious.

“We acknowledge the gravity of the situation and are committed to upholding public safety and responsible pet ownership,” said Damian Cole, Deputy Chief, Community Safety.

The owner of the dogs is now facing four charges – Animal Causing Death to Another Animal, Animal Causing Human Injury and two counts of Animal Running at Large.  There is a maximum, court-determined penalty of up to $40,000.