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Calgary Transit stabbing forces 100 from train inside tunnel

Roughly 100 Calgary Transit passengers had to leave a train while in a tunnel as police investigated an emergency assault call late Tuesday evening.

According to Calgary police, they responded to 36 Avenue and Burnsland Road SE around 11 p.m. Tuesday after reports of a stabbing.  Police said the stabbing had happened on the CTrain as it was travelling northbound after leaving the Erlton-Stampede Station.

They said a passenger activated the emergency stop system, forcing the train to stop inside the tunnel between Victoria Park and City Hall.  Around 100 riders had to leave the train while inside the tunnel, police said.

North and southbound trains were stopped to make sure those in the tunnel were safe while they brought in other transportation.

Police located a suspect, a 26-year-old man, and he’s in custody. Charges are pending, they said.

The victim in the stabbing suffered minor injuries, according to police.

Calgary police continue to their investigation into the assault. They don’t know at this time if the victim and attacker are known to each other.

Anyone with further information on the incident is asked to call Calgary police at 403-266-1234.

Calgary police also recognize that this experience can be traumatizing for some riders. They said anyone in need of assistance can call the CPS Victim Assistance support team at 403-428-8398.