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Calgary police search rural Bragg Creek in historical missing persons case

Calgary police are searching a rural property west of Calgary potentially connected to a decades-old missing persons case.

Police informed the media Wednesday they’ve been searching a property located along Highway 762 south of Bragg Creek in connection with the case. They’ve been searching the property for the past few days.

“While investigators are on scene searching for possible human remains, this search continues in an exploration stage and no discoveries have been made so far,” said Calgary Police Service Staff Sgt. Sean Gregson.

Gregson said the case is going back a few decades. They have information that they believe is reliable that led them to this area.

“We know that there’s families out there that are seeking answers and we have a duty to help bring closure to the families and see what we can do,” he said.  

“So, in this case, we’re looking at all the avenues we have. We believe the information is credible.”

Gregson said they’re working with the Missing Persons Unit and the Public Safety Unit, which is the search team. They’ve deployed the canine unit and they’re using ground penetrating radar in the area as well.  Gregson said they’re also working with the RCMP Major Crimes Unit.

CPS said, and Staff Sgt. Gregson confirmed that the current landowner is not connected to the search. They also don’t believe any prior landowners are involved.

“We think this is probably a location of convenience more than anything,” he said.

Public must come forward with information on cases.

Gregson didn’t have current numbers on missing persons cases currently still open with CPS, but they’re always being evaluated and prioritized based on new information.

“The biggest thing I encourage is that a lot of times people have information out there, and they may think that we have it or they’re reluctant to provide it,” Gregson said.

“But if we have reliable information, and we can follow it up and corroborate that information, we’re going to pursue it.”

The search is expected to be complete this week, though that may change pending the search findings, Staff Sgt. Gregson said.

“We’re at the whim of our search as it goes right now,” he said.

Gregson did say that it’s just one potential missing person at this time and not believed to be a mass burial situation.

He also said they don’t believe there’s any risk to the public.

“It’s a decades-long investigation and we’re just following up some new information on an old file,” Gregson said.

  • with files from Aryn Toombs