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Suspect shot by Calgary Police during Forest Lawn break-in

ASIRT, Alberta’s independent police investigation agency, is investigating the circumstances surrounding a Calgary Police shooting on July 22.

CPS said that they responded to a break-in in the community of Forest Lawn on 39 Street SE at approximately 6 a.m. on Saturday.

An upstairs tenant of the building the break-in occurred in, was alleged to have broken into a basement suite and attacked residents living there with a weapon.

“Upon arrival, our officers attempted to deescalate the situation, resulting in an officer deploying a taser. The situation continued to escalate, and another officer discharged their Service firearm,” said the Calgary Police Service.

The individual shot by police was given first-aid on scene, and transported to hospital in stable condition.

CPS said that no members of the public, nor their officers were injured during the incident.

ASIRT investigates all incidents in Alberta where the actions of a police officer, including the lawful use of force, may have caused serious injury or death.