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Calgary Stampede Day 4 wrap up: Fewer folks, but still loads of fun

The Calgary Stampede took a bit of a breather after the weekend, with a lighter crowd but loads of action down on the grounds.

Tuesday is TC Energy Community Day, with free admission from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with seniors (65+) and military veterans getting in free all day.

The weather’s a little cooler and there’s rain in the forecast, but that doesn’t mean visitors can’t head down and see some of the many indoor attractions and agricultural events down on the Stampede Grounds. Just do it in between the showers!

Monday’s attendance rang in at 87,681, bringing the 2023 Calgary Stampede attendance to 604,680.

As the data shows, there’s traditionally a drop to start the week before things start building for a fantastic finale weekend.

If you’re headed down to the Stampede Grounds on Tuesday, here’s who’s on the stages and what time they perform.

Nashville North

Devin Cooper – 4-5:45 p.m.
Alex Hughes – 6-7:45 p.m.
Robyn Ottolini – 9-9:45 p.m.
Elle King – 10:15-11:30 a.m.
Foxx Worthee - 11:59 p.m.-1:45 a.m.

Coca-Cola Stage

Death From Above 1979 – 8-9 p.m.
Tegan & Sara - 9:30-10:30 p.m.

The Big Four Roadhouse

Kate And The Comets - 4:45-8 p.m.
Lil Yachty - 10:30-11:30 p.m.

Calgary Stampede Rodeo and Chuckwagon

It was another big day at the Calgary Stampede rodeo on Monday, with another solid crowd on hand watching things in the infield.

Here’s the results from Monday. (Check out the blistering steer wrestling time from Alberta boy, Scott Guenthner.)

Saddle Bronc

Hay, LoganWildwood ABOne More Reason87.50
Griffin, RossTularosa NMElapsing Moon86.00
Green, LaytonMillarville ABMonster Inc85.50
Wells, BrodyPowell WYElvira84.00
Taylor, QuintenNanton ABMr. Twister84.00
Wilson, CashWall SDXrated Dancer83.00
Wright, StetsonMilford UTBad Intentions82.00
Smith, RigginWinterset IAXecutive News80.00
Wright, StatlerBeaver UTLegacy68.50
Wanchuk, KolbySherwood Park ABKilling TimeBO


Aus, TannerGranite Falls MNSunday Sinner87.50
Franks, ColeClaredon TXOney87.00
Cooke, CooperVictor IDFancy86.00
Roper, JaycoOktaha OKNo Show Jones84.50
Lees, JacobCaldwell IDFrench Agent81.00
Taypotat, TyRegina SKTombstone80.00
Pope, JesseWaverly KSOh Blah Di79.00
Frost, JacekBrowns Valley CAFallen Timber79.00
Pope, TyMarshall MOTwin Flame77.00
Thompson, DeanAltamont UTDelicate Rose74.50

Bull riding

Robbins, CoyCamrose ABSlobber Knocker85.00
Hamilton, KyMackay AULater Gator80.50
Hutchings, TristenMonteview IDBob's Your Uncle79.00
Parsonage, JaredMaple Creek SKToothless Smile78.50
Gleeson, WyattSundre ABHoly Hand Grenade76.50
Parker, TristanWinnie TXHard Not to GetBO
Telfer, CullenPlant City FLCat FishBO
Kimzey, Sage SteeleSalado TXUnkle KrankyBO
Alves, SilvanoPilar do Sul SPAngry BobBO
Hansen, JordanAmisk ABDeep CreekBO

Tie-down roping

Hughes, WestynCaldwell TX7.1
Minton, BrushtonWitter Springs CA7.5
Enderli, CashLiberty TX7.9
Livingston, LaneSeymour TX8.5
Meged, HavenMiles City MT9.0
Smith, JustinLeesville LA9.9
Warren, RileySundre AB12.0
Douch, JohnHuntsville TX13.3
Mayfield, ShadClovis NMNT
Smith, ClaytonEckville ABNT

Barrel Racing

Ganter, JackieAbilene TX17.660
Matthews, TaycieWynne AR17.720
Sporer, BrittneyBakersfield CA17.790
Rule, Dona KayMinco OK17.820
Mcleod-Sprague, MeganMarsing ID17.850
Whiteside, KylieLongview AB17.900
Smith, JimmieMcDade TX17.960
Manning, TaylorYellowhead Co AB18.010
Leischner, NancyOlds AB18.040
Kinsel, HaileyCotulla TX23.140

Steer wrestling

Guenthner, ScottProvost AB3.3
Lummus, WillByhalia MS3.6
Martin, TristanSulphur LA3.7
Webb, JonnyOkotoks AB3.8
Sparing, TimmyHelena MT4.0
Waguespack, TylerGonzales LA4.2
Robb, CashAltamont UT14.1
Talley, JacobKeatchie LANT
Hefner, JoshKnoxville TNNT
Erickson, TyHelena MTNT

GMC Rangeland Derby

1Codey McCurrachFlynn Canada - Building Envelope1:11.120001:11.1200
2Rae CroteauCinch Oilfield Hauling1:11.560001:11.5600
3Kurt BensmillerGrey Eagle Resort & Casino1:11.830001:11.8300
4Chad FikeSummit Fleet1:11.920001:11.9200
5Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills1:11.960001:11.9600
6Ross KnightMobSquad1:12.050001:12.0500
7Jamie LaboucaneCowboys1:11.440011:12.4400
8Evan SalmondDe Havilland1:12.480001:12.4800
9/10Kirk SutherlandShaw GMC1:12.580001:12.5800
9/10Mark SutherlandHorizon Drilling1:12.580001:12.5800
11Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy1:12.670001:12.6700
12Kris MolleGraf Mechanical1:12.730001:12.7300
13Obrey MotowyloFluor1:12.790001:12.7900
14/15Wade SalmondDe Havilland1:13.190001:13.1900
14/15Todd BaptisteCohesity1:13.190001:13.1900
16Jordie FikeBaron1:13.240001:13.2400
17Mitch SutherlandCDN Controls1:13.320001:13.3200
18Darcy FladThe Broda Group1:13.490001:13.4900
19Doug IrvineVisitLethbridge.com1:13.520001:13.5200
20Troy DorchesterSmithbilt Hats Inc.1:13.600001:13.6000
21/22Chanse VigenKMA1:11.950021:13.9500
21/22Danny RinguetteRigStar Industrial Telecom1:13.950001:13.9500
23Cody RidsdaleO'Chiese Investment & Business Centre1:14.000001:14.0000
24Chance BensmillerEllisDon1:14.260001:14.2600
25Vern NolinYES TV1:14.450001:14.4500
26Preston FaithfulFrog Lake1:15.030001:15.0300
27Dallas DyckNorthback1:13.920051:18.9200

Cumulative Chuckwagon results through July 10

1Kurt BensmillerGrey Eagle Resort & Casino4:46.000004:46.0000
2Chanse VigenKMA Construction Inc.4:45.030024:47.0300
3Obrey MotowyloBuckles and Bulls Brands Inc.4:47.200004:47.2000
4Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills4:47.320004:47.3200
5Rae Croteau Jr.Cinch Oilfeild Hauling Ltd4:47.700004:47.7000
6Kris MolleGraf Mechanical Ltd.4:48.800004:48.8000
7Mark SutherlandFriends of Sutherland Racing4:48.450014:49.4500
8Ross KnightMobSquad4:49.810004:49.8100
9Codey McCurrachPCL & Partners4:47.930024:49.9300
10Jamie LaboucaneCowboys4:46.990034:49.9900
11Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd4:50.770004:50.7700
12Wade SalmondDe Havilland4:50.870004:50.8700
13Darcy FladThe CanWagon4:51.430004:51.4300
14Chad FikeSummit Fleet4:47.010054:52.0100
15Mitch SutherlandCross Country Canada Supplies and Rentals4:50.090024:52.0900
16Evan SalmondDe Havilland4:52.370004:52.3700
17Danny RinguetteThe Brakemen Foundation4:52.440004:52.4400
18Troy DorchesterCam Clark Ford4:52.560004:52.5600
19Vern NolinSemerra4:53.010004:53.0100
20Kirk SutherlandShaw GMC4:49.820054:54.8200
21Doug IrvineLethbridge Lodging Association4:56.030004:56.0300
22Preston FaithfulNatural Law X4:53.090064:59.0900
23Jordie FikeTronic Data Inc.4:54.110054:59.1100
24Chance BensmillerEllis Don4:55.160055:00.1600
25Dallas DyckRiversdale Resources Ltd.4:52.3400105:02.3400
26Todd BaptisteSore Oilfield4:52.7200125:04.7200
27Cody RidsdaleO'Chiese Business Centre4:55.4300105:05.4300