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Calgary Cancer Centre renamed after $50 million donation

The Calgary Cancer Centre is now officially known as the Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre, or Arthur Child for short, after the largest donation in AHS history was made towards cancer care in the province.

The Arthur J.E. Child Foundation made a $50 million donation towards the OWN.CANCER campaign from the Alberta Cancer Foundation, which has sought to raise $250 million towards providing cancer treatment in the province.

“This building that we stand in, this symbol of progress and possibility, represents the hope that I and countless others desperately needed,” said Calgary firefighter and cancer survivor Lorne Miller.

“With this donation, hope finds a new home. It finds a place for research, innovation, and compassion converge to change and save lives for decades to come.”

Wendy Beauchenese, CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, praised the donation.

“It’s going to be put to use right away, and broadly, there’s three broad pillars on how this funding will be used,” she said.

Of the donation, $10 million will be used towards precision oncology and clinical excellence, $15 million towards brining emerging cancer treatments to Alberta, and $25 million towards attracting and retaining cancer researchers.

“What that means for patients, the people that walk through the door, is that treatment will continue to advance and keep finding better ways to detect and treat cancer,” Beauchenese said.

The centre will provide 160 dedicated inpatient beds which are currently not available at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, some of the world’s most advanced diagnostic and radiation therapy tools, and over 100,000 sq. ft. of research space.

The Calgary Cancer Centre is set to open in 2024.