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Calgary Chamber, Calgary Economic Development deepens ties with Israeli businesses

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce, along with Calgary Economic Development and Invest Alberta, have taken steps to bring Israeli companies and investments to Alberta.

The goal is to develop an Israel-Alberta Centre of excellence, which will support the connection of Israeli businesses to the province, and Alberta businesses to Israel.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Invest Alberta, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, and the Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce to facilitate the creation of the centre for excellence.

“This agreement further promotes Calgary and Alberta in international markets, as jurisdictions that are creative, competitive and entrepreneurial,” said Deborah Yedlin, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

“It opens the door for new collaborations with leading companies and startups that leverage our natural resources and talent in ways that will support economic growth and diversification, as well as open new markets to the benefit of all Albertans.”

The chamber, in a statement provided to the media on the MOU, called Israel the startup nation, with research and entrepreneurial drive that has supported global companies like Amazon and Facebook.

“Israel is an example for the world when it comes to technological innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit. I am excited about the opportunity to share Calgary and Alberta’s unique value proposition with Israeli companies and investors to uncover opportunities for shared value between the regions for years to come,” said Brad Parry, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development.

Partners to the MOU will be promoting each others’ market as a premier location for investment and expansion, with the ultimate goal of increasing investment between Alberta and Isreal and creating high-quality jobs and economic growth.

“This agreement between the Federation of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Invest Alberta, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce is the fruit of hard labour and a joint vision of collaboration between Alberta and Israel,” said Uriel Lynn, President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

“Together we will make sure Israeli and Canadian companies will be supported and helped in their respective markets, I am looking forward to beginning this collaboration and to many more years of joint work that will undoubtedly be the outcome of this agreement.”