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Advance Vote Day 2: Record level of Alberta voting continues

Albertans continued to take advantage of advance polling in record numbers for the 2023 Provincial General Election, with a total of 155,631 additional voters casting their ballots on Wednesday.

On the second day of advance voting, as of 8:30 p.m. on May 24, 317,461 Albertans had cast their ballots. This represented 45 per cent of all the advance votes cast in the 2019 general election.

Both leaders of the UCP and the Alberta NDP party cast their ballots on the first day of advance voting. During the day, party candidates promoted advanced voting for Albertans on social media.

In response to a strong first day of advance voting, Notley said that there was enthusiasm for voting in this election.

“This enthusiasm is exactly what we’ve been feeling on the doorsteps, on the streets, and at our events right across the province.”

Smith on Twitter touted the ability for Albertans to vote at any of the advance voting polls across the province, regardless of where a voter lived.

“It’s time to vote!” she said.

(If you like the data side of elections, stay tuned to LWC election night coverage and analysis on May 29!)