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Sci-fi, locked-room, and Mother’s Day brunch experiences at Calgary Zoo this month

A whole lotta stuff to do besides look at animals at the Wilder Institute / Calgary Zoo

Calgarians looking for more adult-only experiences at the zoo will have their pick this May, along with the ever popular—and quick to sell out—Mother’s Day brunch.

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is offering what they are calling “zoo-nique” experiences for the month in the form of grownup games, wine tastings, and culinary experiences.

“Our Wild After Hours events are focused on a food and beverage offering, not the same ones every time, but certainly a food and beverage offering that fits with the theme and of course the weather,” said Alison Archambault, Director for Brand and Engagement with The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo.

She said that the zoo’s first offering for the month with Revenge of the Sixth, would be a science fiction themed event unlike anything that the zoo has done before.

“The difference with this event is that there will be theatrical actors bringing the game to life… so you’re going to feel that you were on an intergalactic adventure,” Archambault said.

“Our team goes all out with the decorations with the props and with the theme.”

For participants who feel like they didn’t get their fill of dressing up in their favourite Star Wars or Star Trek costume at the Calgary Expo, Archambault said they were encouraging people to come dressed up again for Revenge of the Sixth.

“I’m always inspired by the costumes, so you don’t have to have to be a fan of either, but if you are, this is the night for you,” Archambault said.

The event runs on May 6. Tickets for any of the zoo’s events can be purchased at www.calgaryzoo.com.

Get a taste of Canadian wines and food while supporting conservation work

The zoo is featuring an evening of wine with BC’s TIME Family of Wines. It is the third in the zoo’s restaurant Grazers series of culinary events.

“We’ve partnered with the TIME family of wines to have a custom menu created by our head chef Kenneth Titcomb and paired alongside of some amazing grape varieties.”

“It’s really fruit so it’s guilt-free,” laughed Archambault.

She said that the last Grazers dining series event was directed towards craft beer lovers, but this time it’s an opportunity for the wines to shine.

“This will not disappoint foodies in the city. This is an exceptional experience.”

The wine experience is for people of legal drinking age only, and is being held for one night only on May 19.

For a more family-friendly culinary experience, and one that Archambault said would elevate even above the zoo’s regular Sunday Brunches, Mother’s Day brunches are being held on May 13 and 14.

Tickets though, she said, were going fast.

“It’s the highlight of many people’s years to celebrate with the mother figures in their life, and I know that the first two brunches have sold out,” Archambault.

Calgarians still have the opportunity to get tickets for seatings on Saturday, May 13.

“The menu and the desserts that I’ve seen the team working on are just so special,” Archambault said.

“If there’s a woman in your life that has meant a lot and has guided you down a path, that’s a great chance to add to bring them down. You don’t have to have to be a mom to be here and enjoy it, but you do have to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.”

The Mother’s Day brunch is also the perfect opportunity to take in some of the animal mothers who are expecting at the zoo, including mother-to-be Yewande from the zoo’s western lowland gorilla troop.

Locked Zoo returns with harder puzzles

The after-hours Locked Zoo: Secret Safari is back with puzzles that will be sure to please even ardent locked room experience fans.

Locked Zoo is an over-18 experience that Archambault said has been a great way for visitors to connect with their adult children.

“If you have those 18 and older kids that maybe you might be struggling to find common things to do, it’s a great chance to to come down with them and have them show you how smart they are in solving in solving all the puzzles,” she said.

The experience takes participants throughout the zoo grounds on a two-hour, team-based game that has them solving puzzles and finding clues.

A highlight of the event will also be the opportunity to see many of the animals without crowds.

“I have to admit I always need help on this with the group that’s with me, or with other staff members, so bring your bring your smart clue friends and come down,” Archambault said.

Like the other adult-only zoo events, this one will also have food and drinks available throughout the evening.