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Police recover guns, stolen property, vehicles from Calgary encampments

Handguns, rifles, replica firearms, motorcycles, and John Deere utility vehicles are among the items recovered by Calgary Police from a pair of city encampments over the past two weeks.

CPS said that they recovered dozens of weapons and hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen property from what they have described as significantly entrenched encampments in southeast Calgary.

Officers were able to retrieve the items from an encampment located near 58 Avenue SE and Burbank Road SE on April 19, and along the Bow River near Deerfoot Trail SE on April 25.

Police said they began examining the first site after a stolen John Deere utility vehicle was spotted hidden amongst some trees, and the second after a can with bullet holes was noticed hanging near an encampment.

“The expectation for respectful and appropriate behaviour based on the intended use of the space extends into all public spaces—including our parks, pathways and communities,” said Calgary Police Service Superintendent, Scott Boyd.

“We are fortunate to work with many community and government partners who provide resources and services to help those who truly need it and we continue to be committed to connecting those who need assistance with those who can provide it.”

A stolen John Deere utility vehicle recovered by Calgary Police on April 19, 2023. CALGARY POLICE SERVICE

Items recovered in the hundreds of thousands of dollars

From the first encampment, police recovered a stolen John Deere Gator, John Deere Blower, Cervelo S5 Bike, two airsoft handguns and an airsoft rifle, among other stolen items and weapons. The utility vehicles were returned to their owners.

No arrests have yet been made from that search.

At the second encampment police found another stolen John Deere, and an illegal wire-stripping operation for the sale of stolen copper wire. Police also recovered two stolen dirt bikes, two airsoft guns, a replica Glock handgun, a rifle, seven knives, and throwing axes.

The dirt bikes have been returned to their owner.

One person was charged at the encampment, and two others were taken into custody.