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Pair of house fires damage homes in north Calgary

Calgary firefighters responded to a pair of house fires in Huntington Hills and in Ranchlands on the evening of April 29.

The Calgary Fire Department arrived to the first home on Huntstrom Road NE at around 8:25 p.m, to find it engulfed in flames and producing heavy smoke that was visible for several blocks.

During the fire, 14 apparatus were used to put out the blaze. A house next to the fire also suffered some heat damage on its exterior siding.

“The sole occupant of the source home evacuated and was not injured,” said CFD.

A neighbour to the home said that a woman in the home was able to evacuate out a side door from the house after flames engulfed the main entrance.

Firefighters also responded to a second house fire on the 7000 block of Ranchero Rd NW at a townhouse complex containing multiple families.

“First arriving crews at the second event reported a working fire in a multifamily occupancy and quickly brought the fire under control,” fire officials said.

“The fire damaged the outside of the structure and breached the building through a second-storey window.”

CFD said they were able to evacuate occupants from attached units, along with one person from the main unit that was on fire. No injuries were reported.

The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind all Calgarians of the importance of having and practicing an escape plan if your home is on fire and stress the importance of having working smoke alarms on all levels of your home as well as inside each bedroom and ensure they are checked regularly.