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Review recommends CPS training, policy changes after cutting ties with US company

Five recommendations were made in a workplace review done after the Calgary police severed ties with a questionable post-secondary in the summer of 2022.  

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) ended a relationship with a US company that purported to be recognized post-institution after a Global News story last summer. It also triggered a workplace review by the Calgary Police Commission (CPC).

The key findings from the review were made public Friday after being first delivered to the commission behind closed doors on Jan. 25.

Following an initial review, the CPC said the province didn’t believe the matter needed to be reviewed by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. Further, the CPC said after an independent RCMP review, criminal charges were not warranted.

An independent law firm was then hired, according to the CPC, that showed proper workplace policies and processes weren’t followed. The CPC said that CPS is taking steps to ensure employee accountability.

One of the areas where policies weren’t followed was around tuition support for employees, the findings read.

“Had the proper process been followed, the college would have been properly screened

Recommendations adopted by the Calgary police

The review outlined five recommendations, including enhanced scrutiny of degrees and other qualification requirements.  It also suggested additional policy requirements around training and approvals, and a process to ensure the application of policies in training and finance. They’d also like to ensure proper training and review of policies with the use of corporate credit cards.

Finally, they’d like a restructuring of the Wellness and Resiliency Division to review third-party mental health programming.

“The focus now will be on restoring the trust of employees in the wellness supports available to them,” said CPC Chair Shawn Cornett.

“No member of the police service should have to wonder about the quality of support they will receive if they reach out for help, and this incident has unfortunately raised some doubts that need to be immediately addressed.”

The report showed that there was no evidence of the college’s course material incorporated into CPS training.  A review of wellness supports is underway.

The CPC said it was satisfied that the investigation and recommendations have addressed the incident.

“Our Commission has been briefed on the findings and steps taken as a result, and we are satisfied that the Service has done everything it can to hold those involved accountable,” said Chair Cornett.