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January news tee up: What’s coming up in Calgary

The calendar has flipped to 2023 and it’s time to shake off the current events cobwebs after a splendid holiday season.

January is typically a slow build in Calgary, and things don’t really start rolling again until the kids head back to school.  On that note, classes for both the public and separate school boards will return on Jan. 9.  (Public school spring break goes from March 27 to 31, while the CCSD is April 10 to 14.)

Before we get there, however, there is a City of Calgary matter to attend to on Jan. 4. The annual assessment roll will be the first big news item on tap, and Calgary property assessments will be mailed out.

We’ll find out where home prices went up, went down, and by how much. The city uses the market value assessment, combined with the municipal tax rate, to help determine a property owner’s tax bill.

You may recall that the city has projected a roughly 14.43 per cent increase in the market-assessed value of a typical single residential home. They’ve also pegged the condo increase, year-over-year at 7.66 per cent.

If your home gained more than that amount, you can expect to pay more than the $10 per month increase to property taxes prescribed in the 2023-2026 budget. If it gained less than that, you can expect to pay less than the $10 per month increase.

City council’s return

After that, City council’s Infrastructure and Planning Committee will meet on Jan. 11 and the Calgary Planning Commission will meet on Jan. 12.

The following week (Jan. 17) is the first-ever, public-hearing-only council meeting. This means that the planning items that are typically heard during a Combined Meeting of Council will be the only items on the agenda.

Several changes were made to the city’s public hearing system. You can read more about the changes in this December 2022 LWC piece.

There’s an audit committee meeting on Jan. 19 before things kick into high speed with a Regular Meeting of Council marking council’s 2023 return on Jan. 24. That week is a busy one, with the Community Development Committee, another Calgary Planning Commission meeting and the Green Line Board finishing up the week.

The city council month finishes up with a Foothills Athletic Park redevelopment committee meeting (fresh off additional city cash) and an Executive Committee Meeting.

Teeing up the rest of January

If basketball is your jam, the Harlem Globetrotters 2023 World Tour has a stop in Calgary on Jan. 7.

The Wilder Institute / Calgary Zoo’s Zoolights runs until Jan. 8.  The following weekend is the Calgary Renovation Show, as you tee up this year’s home makeover.

The High Performance Rodeo also returns as a part of this year’s Chinook Blast Festival. We’ve got a full rundown of events for that stretch of January (and into February).