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Calgary’s Next Economy: Veles Software is streamlining IT management

Over two decades, Andrei Arapov has been keeping track of all the ways you can perform IT systems maintenance much faster that it’s traditionally done.

Arapov, who has been a consultant on major IT architecture at major corporations across North America, said there’s a lack of tools to perform those tasks efficiently.

That’s why he founded Veles Software. The two products Arapov’s built are My Workstation and MPA Tools.

“I decided to dwell on what would work for me,” Arapov said.

“So, I did I develop one for myself, so that I can easily save time going from one customer to another.”

It’s a system management set up that tracks Windows workstations and Windows servers.

Computer have been around for decades – so why are there no tools to do this kind of maintenance work? There are, said Arapov, but nothing like this. There are different tools for different aspects of the system maintenance, but none can automate and perform the tasks at the same time.

Plus, there’s a monitoring aspect to his system as well.

The help desk

Arapov said the system is particularly helpful for corporate help desks or IT service units.

My Workstation automates end-user notifications, it helps them find the device information for the IT teams, notifies them when disk space is low or if there’s an issue with the operating system.

Plus, it’s fully customizable. The notifications end users see can be determined by the system administrator.

The rubber really hits the road with the MPA Tools, which is dubbed “agent-less remote management.”  System administrators can tap into the heart of the system to get a full picture of the operation.

Arapov said there’s an element of artificial intelligence that not only allows for easier troubleshooting, but it can reduce IT incidents and how long it takes to resolve them.

“Interestingly enough, because of the way I designed them, it’s very easy for IT people who have many professional levels to work with it,” Arapov said.

“There’s nothing complex about this, it’s not complicated, there’s nothing to learn about. It just tells you basically what’s wrong with it.”

The end result is much greater efficiency in not only avoiding problems through easier proactive system management, but quickly diagnosing and fixing IT hiccups when the do arise.

Arapov said that when he’s asked his current clients what they would do without MP Tools, the responses are pretty clear.

“One email I got was super funny – some guy said, ‘cry,’ question mark,” he laughed.

A techie at heart

One of the big wins for Arapov going through the Alberta Catalyzer – Velocity program is learning to tell a story.

“Certainly, being a technical – very technical person – I obviously have challenges being a non-technical person,” he said.

“Selling yourself, selling my product is a something that I really want to learn.”

He said nailing down those key messages in a clear way has been a real learning curve.

That’s key moving forward as Arapov continues to try to grow his client base. Getting that message out to companies looking for a streamlined IT management system is critical for growth.

“We need to start marketing the product and see where it’s going. I’m ready for it. I feel confident about it,” Arapov said.