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Calgary Police investigating alleged tampering of Halloween candy

Calgary Police are investigating a report of a sewing needle allegedly placed into a Halloween chocolate bar, in the community of Panorama Hills.

The service said that a parent reported the tampered candy on Nov. 3.

Police said they have not yet been able to determine where the candy bar came from while trick or treating, as the child visited over 100 homes on Halloween.

“The investigation is ongoing as we try to determine whether this was intentional.”

The child had not eaten the chocolate bar, and no injuries were reported from the incident.

The service was able to confirm to LWC that this was the only investigation into candy tampering occurring, and that additional details are not yet available.

Parents are being asked to check their children’s candy for tampering before allowing them to eat it. Signs of tampering can include holes, tears, openings, or visible signs of candy being unwrapped and then wrapped again.

Anyone with information is being asked to call the police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234, or submit information anonymously to Crime Stoppers.