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Ghoulishly good times coming to Heritage Park for Halloween

Heritage Park’s Ghouls’ Night Out is returning with more in store for families looking for a friendly Halloween experience.

The annual event has added more Halloween-themed shows, more monster meet-and-greets, more eats-and-treats, and more kid-friendly activities than in years past.

“This one is great for the kids, they don’t generally get to see the park when it’s kind of dark in there, and we’re going to make it a little spooky,” said Dominic Terry, strategic communications manager for Heritage Park.

“We’re just really excited to have people come in and have this fun event that that’s always been a real success for us in the past, and we hope that it’ll be just as successful this year.”

Among the new activities for 2022 are a magic show and haunted house at Gunn’s Dairy Barn, and a pair of mad science shows at the Canmore Opera House.

The mad science shows harken back to the turn of the century, keeping with the park’s mission to bring history to life.

“We’re always looking to look through that lens when we’re developing our programming, and certainly that’s something that as we develop those things, that we look back and say ‘that was something that was really wild and out there,'” Terry said.

“Definitely something that that we were excited to bring back and give people something new, but also look at it through that heritage lens.”

Ghouls and ghosts abound

Other classic throwbacks this year that are sure to bring some nostalgia for older parents and grandparents are a Addam’s Family themed show, and a call-back show to the Hammer film series with Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster—although with a surprise twist.

And kids of all ages will be able to enjoy as the Ghostbusters take on the ghostly visage of the Lady in White at the Prince House.

“All of our programming, from our street theatre, and the things that you’ll see at Famous Five and Price House, or at the laundry, these are all developed here at the park,” Terry said.

“We’re playing on those things that are familiar to people… but also making it a little bit different.”

Throughout the evening guests will be able to meet costumed performers dressed as the Headless Horseman, Scooby-Doo, Beetlejuice, and other classic Halloween characters.

Heritage Park eateries renaming for Halloween

Heritage Park is also renaming its Midway and various shops as part of Ghouls’ Night Out.

Vulcan Ice Cream Parlour is becoming the Scream Parlour, the Alberta Bakery is becoming the Boo-Loungerie, the Midway Treatery is becoming the Trick or Treatery, and the Club Cafe is becoming the Wizard Wand. At all of the locations will be Halloween themed treats for sale.

Terry called this a way for the park to really do something fun for families this year.

“Our food and beverage team has really gone above and beyond here to try to make things family friendly,” he said.

“You can come down and and have your supper or your dinner here, and then head out on the park and and see all the crazy, spooky and scary things that we’ve got planned.”

Tickets likely to sell out well before Halloween

Ghouls’ Night Out is taking place on Oct. 28 and 29, from 6 to 9 p.m., and on Oct. 30 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Terry said that tickets for this year’s Saturday and Sunday dates are likely to sell out fast. The park is capping visitors to 3,000 a night.

“We’d love to see that many people out.”

“Tickets are selling fast, and there are a number of tickets available still for the Sunday, but the the Friday and Saturday are pretty much getting towards being sold out, so your best best is to come early on Sunday.

“I know that there’s school the next day, but we feel like you’re gonna get your money’s worth there on Sunday, too.”

Tickets are $14.99 for children aged 3 through 15, and $19.95 for everyone aged 16 and up. They can be purchased online through the Heritage Park website.

For more details on Ghouls’ Night Out, the schedule of activities, and Halloween themed menus, see www.heritagepark.ca/plan-your-visit/event-calendar/ghouls-night-out.