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City Hall flags lowered to honour Saskatchewan victims

Flags at Calgary city hall were lowered to half-mast to honour the victims of the Labour Day weekend tragedy in Saskatchewan.

Eleven people, including one of the suspects, Damien Sanderson, were killed in various locations around the James Smith Cree Nation and the nearby village of Weldon, Saskatchewan. Eighteen people were injured.

In the latest Emergency Alert Tuesday afternoon, the remaining suspect, Myles Sanderson had been spotted on the James Smith Cree Nation. Reports from the area said RCMP and other law enforcement were converging on a home in the area.

On Tuesday, Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek said that she knows the initial Emergency Alert was jarring. She said it was a jarring event.

“I think all of us were completely shocked by the events that unfolded in Saskatchewan over the weekend,” the mayor said at a media event Tuesday for a wellness park opening.

“Let’s just stick together with each other and take care of those around us who are really in a state of shock and just reeling from us right now.”

The mayor said that the flags would be lowered at city hall to pay respect to the victims.

In the meantime, she said she appreciated the quick flow of information that was coming out. Mayor Gondek also encouraged anyone with information in the matter to step forward.

Premier also expressed condolences

The flags at the Alberta Legislature and the McDougall Centre in Calgary were also lowered to pay respect to the victims.

Premier Jason Kenney said Albertans stand shoulder-to-shoulder with citizens in Saskatchewan.

“The brutality and apparent randomness of these attacks have shocked the entire country,” the Premier said.

“My heart also goes out to the people of the James Smith Cree Nation and to First Nations communities across Canada who feel the anger and sorrow of this tragedy in a deeper and far more personal way.”

Kenney said that he’s told Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe that Alberta is willing to provide any assistance that might be needed.