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Calgary Stampede announces bigger, longer, more local parade for 2022

The Calgary Stampede announced the 2022 Stampede parade lineup with all of the pomp and ceremony that Calgarians have been missing for the past two years.

This year’s parade is expected to be bigger, longer, and more star-studded than previous ones. The entire parade is expected to take more than five-hours to complete, and visitors can expect at least two-hours of show at any one point along the parade route.

“What we’re hearing is people that haven’t been to the parade in years are going to come down and see it,” said Steve McDonough, President and Chairman of the Board for the Calgary Stampede.

“That’ll be great for downtown, getting people back down there celebrating gathering and watching what is going to be a fantastic offering by the parade committee.”

Oscar winning actor Kevin Costner was previously announced as this year’s parade marshal.

Joining him as honorary parade marshal will be John Scott, who has been a member of Alberta’s film industry for over 50 years. Scott was the winner of last year’s Chester A Reynolds Memorial Award for his work championing the agricultural industry, and his work as a horse wrangler, stunt coordinator, and horse and livestock provider for the silver screen.

McDonough called the parade great for downtown, and downtown businesses.

“Getting people back down there, celebrating, gathering, and watching what is going to be a fantastic offering by the parade committee, I think is important for downtown. Absolutely,” he said.

He said that the return of the parade and the Stampede is good news for downtown businesses. He pointed to how busy western wear retailer Lammle’s was.

“I think that’s a pretty good barometer.”

Lots to do and see during the parade

This year’s parade will have more than 90 entries, including 25 floats, marching bands, and mounted colour parties. There will be more than 1,500 performers along the parade route, and more than 200 horses—including the Stampede’s mascot Harry the Horse. There will even be men in kilts to clean the streets after them.

The music and marching bands this year during the parade will be largely local artists, given the continued difficulty in booking international travel due to the pandemic.

“It’s a major undertaking to travel all that distance with marching bands, and with the early days of emerging from the pandemic,” said Dwayne Spence, Chair of the Calgary Stampede Parade Committee.

Some of the highlights from international groups who will be attending the parade are the Ukrainain community marching in solidarity against the war being perpetrated against their nation, and the Consulate of Mexico, who’s float Spence called the must have photo from the parade.

“There’ll be something for everyone to see,” he said.

Retired CTV Calgary meteorologist and local Calgary icon, David Spence, will be the celebrity judge for the parade this year.

On street entertainment begins at 8 a.m. and the parade itself will start at 9 a.m. on July 8. There will be significant parking bans along the parade route, so Calgarians are suggested to visit calgary.ca for the details on where and when those start.

The route begins on 9 Avenue and 3 Street SE, turns north on 9 Avenue and 10 Street SW, and turns east on 6 Avenue and 10 Street SW, before finishing at 6 Avenue and 4 Street SE. This is one block longer than in previous years.

The Calgary Stampede is offering free admission to the Stampede Grounds following the parade, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.