Calgary Zoo’s Kimani euthanized after a bout with liver cancer

The six-year-old western lowland gorilla was diagnosed earlier this month

Kimani, a six-year-old western lowland gorilla. THE WILDER INSTITUTE / CALGARY ZOO

The Wilder Institute / Calgary Zoo shared unfortunate news this week, as they had to euthanize one of their ailing gorillas.

Kimani, a six-year-old western lowland gorilla, was diagnosed with a form of pediatric liver cancer at the start of June. At that time, they said Kimani’s condition was critical.

The Zoo said that Kimani’s behaviour began changing about four months ago.

Zoo officials said they had to make the “difficult but compassionate” decision to euthanize her. Kimani died Wednesday morning.

“She had been fighting a rare pediatric cancer affecting her liver and lungs,” the Zoo posted in a statement online. Earlier they had said that this rare form of cancer had limited treatment options.

“Sadly, her condition deteriorated to the point we were no longer able to maintain her quality of life.”

Zoo officials said they were thankful to their veterinary team for the 2.5 additional weeks they were able to give Kimani to allow the troop to say goodbye.

The Zoo closed the African Rainforest building to allow the gorilla troop to grieve, they said.

“Tears were shed across the zoo today as we ‘walked Kimani home,’” the Zoo posted.  

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