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An experience of colour and light is coming to Calgary

A one-month exhibit that showcases a world of wonder through the beauty of light and sound will be hosted at Calgary’s Telus Spark Science Centre.

According to Telus Spark, visitors of all ages will be able to walk inside a larger-than-life-sized version of a kaleidoscope. It’s like a stained-glass space full of colour and light.

“Luminarium will feel like another world, unlike anything our guests have ever experienced – an escape from everyday life, an ephemeral piece of art and a fully-accessible space to gather, explore and reflect with friends and family of all ages,” said the director of creative experiences at Spark, Kyle Corner.

The exhibit is a partnership between the Telus Spark Science Centre and the UK-based exhibit makers, Architects of Air.

“We’re honoured to partner with UK-based exhibit makers Architects of Air to host this sensory adventure,” said Corner.

The exhibit will consist of 21 illuminated cavernous domes spread over 11,000 square feet.

According to Telus Spark, the inflatable light sculpture bursts with vivid natural colours that reflect off curved walls within labyrinthine tunnels and mesmerizing rooms.

The installation also features a rare heptagonal motif from Islamic traditional architecture. There’s also a dome inspired by Gaudi’s Casa Guell in Spain. The formal name of the sculpture is Timisien, after the Romanian city of Timișoara, a cultural capital of Europe.

The Luminarium is part of Spark’s 2022 summer season and is open to the public from July 1 until August 1.

The Luminarium experience is included with a Spark membership or is an additional $3 on top of Spark’s general admission.

To buy tickets or check out what else is on at Spark through the summer, visit the Summer At Spark site.