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Former Gondek Chief of Staff Stephen Carter nets $104K severance

Stephen Carter, former Chief of Staff to Mayor Jyoti Gondek, received a cash severance after being turfed less than four months into the job.

According to Freedom of Information documents, first obtained by CTV Calgary, Carter received a lump sum of $104,166.65, subject to deductions.

Carter confirmed the severance figure. The payment was made roughly two weeks after being dismissed.

After orchestrating Gondek’s mayoral win in the October 2021 municipal election, Carter transferred to Chief of Staff in the new administration.  Carter was dismissed Feb. 2.

“I did not ask to be fired, nor was any reason provided,” Carter told LiveWire Calgary when he was reached Wednesday evening.

“My severance, in my opinion, was granted for two reasons: to ensure I was not vocal about the unjust nature of my dismissal and to avoid embarrassing litigation.”

Carter maintains he was given no cause for the dismissal.

Shortly after, councillors came forward saying they had levied respectful workplace complaints against Carter.  

Carter told LiveWire Calgary the complaints came up after the fact. He said it wasn’t brought up during the termination meeting.

He also said that the severance wasn’t conditional on forgoing litigation.

“If dispersions about me and my character continue, I may be pushed towards action in the courts,” he said.

Carter also said that he did not sign a non-disclosure agreement as a part of the severance.

Mayor Gondek’s office was contacted for comment late Wednesday evening. No response has been provided, though the mayor has told LiveWire Calgary in the past that she wouldn’t be commenting on the personnel matter.