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The Hall: What’s happening at Calgary city council – April 18 to 22

It’s slightly more up-tempo at Calgary city hall this week, with a handful of meetings.

This week, we have the Executive Committee (Tuesday), the Infrastructure and Planning (Wednesday) and then the Calgary Planning Commission (Thursday).

There are a couple of items that are worth watching.  (No, one of them isn’t banning gas-powered leaf blowers.)

Executive committee (April 19)

While there are no planned notices of motion coming to the Executive Committee for approval, a couple of reports will garner some interest.

Roofing rebate

This highly successful program that provided financial aid to homeowners wishing to upgrade their roofing materials could end once the recent cash infusion is exhausted.

The recommendation in this week’s agenda is to end the program when cash is done.

There has been an appetite to keep the program operating. There was a waiting list this year and Ward 5 Coun. Raj Dhaliwal was looking at ways to extend the program.

Tomorrow’s Chinatown

The City’s Executive Committee will be asked to approve a one-time additional $250K from the city’s Fiscal Stability Reserve and Budget Savings Account to help accomplish the project deliverables.

These deliverables include: Chinatown Cultural Plan, Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan and Renaming of the James Short Parkade.

They’re hoping the work can be done by Q4 2022.


There will also be updates on the city’s Indigenous Relations, Tax Relief Options for Residential Properties impacted by Annexation, and the Green Line Board.

Infrastructure and Planning Committee (April 20)

Two items stick out on the I&P agenda this week.

Parking Zone Expansion – Bridgeland

Parking demand in the Bridgeland-Riverside area has risen, and the city wants to expand the paid parking zone. Right now, occupancy is between 94 and 100 per cent of available space, which is higher than the 80 per cent threshold set by the City.

The City typically starts by implementing time limits on parking in crowded areas. If that measure doesn’t work, they charge. By doing this, they’re hoping to modify how people access the area, and the time in which they do so.

Proposed changes are below.

The proposed and current parking zone configurations in Bridgeland. CITY OF CALGARY

LRT rights of way usage

There are a number of locations across the city on the proposed Green and Blue Line LRT lines that won’t see transit use for some time.

The city has been looking at ways to use the land for different community activations while it lay vacant waiting for LRT expansion.

Since 2019, the city has supported three activations. There was one in Auburn Bay (Green Line), one at 40 Avenue N (Green Line), and a pop-up activation at Heritage Station.

There is a request Tuesday for funding to continue work on interim uses for LRT rights of way.