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#Breakthebias: IWD event recognizes Calgary women creating an impact in their community

It’s about showcasing ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

The International Women’s Day celebration – Women Can Do Anything, hosted by Alberta Transportation Minister and Calgary North-East MLA, Rajan Sawhney, goes this weekend at the Livingston Hub in Calgary.

There, they will celebrate the accomplishments of 35 women from all walks of life who are contributing to their community.

Minister Sawhney said more than 100 people will be joining her in this event to recognize and curate a group of women poised for future leadership roles.

“The theme for this year’s IWD is break the bias. One of the ways to break the bias is to celebrate the accomplishments of women, to tell their stories,” said Sawhney.

“By sharing their successes and also their challenges, a door is opened for dialogue, understanding and celebration.”

Sawhney has shared the stories of 35 women on her Facebook page.

Among the guests at this weekend’s event is Mayor Jyoti Gondek. Gondek was also part of this week’s She Govern’s forum. It was an International Women’s Day Event where they partnered with local group Equal Voice to open the door to women in political roles.

Rupie Sachdeva is the keynote speaker at the event.

Breaking the bias

Sawhney said that there are so many reasons to celebrate the accomplishments of this group of women.

In keeping with this year’s IWD theme, Sawhney said one of the ways to #breakthebias is to share their stories and recognize their accomplishments.

“Biases exist everywhere unconscious and hidden and by highlighting achievements of women from various backgrounds, publicly, these biases can be challenged and mitigated,” she said.

Earlier this week, Mayor Gondek talked about having more women represented in leadership roles in Calgary.

Sawhney said the event is meant to empower and provide a boost for women in Calgary.

It’s a chance to help create a group of women who can take the next step in leadership on community boards, as volunteers or leaders of organizations, Sawhney said.

“We need more representation in each of these spheres,” she said.

For more information, email Calgary.northeast@assembly.ab.ca or call 403-701-5915.