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The Hall: What’s happening at Calgary city council – Week of Feb. 14 to 18

This week is the Combined Meeting of Calgary city council.

There are no other meetings on the council calendar.

While it’s the only meeting, it’s a pretty hefty agenda. There will be some big topics discussed.

Here’s an overview.

Combined Meeting of Council – Feb. 15

There are 17 items on the consent agenda (that’s the part of the agenda where items reviewed at committee are batched together for full council approval.)

Items can be removed from this list for further discussion during the agenda setting.  

Ward 13 Coun. Dan McLean already indicated he’d like the Covid-19 health measures update pulled from the consent agenda.  McLean will be introducing an amendment to immediately repeal Calgary’s face coverings bylaw.

Other items may be removed from the list for further discussion or action. Possible items: RouteAhead update, Memorial Drive Parkway, Citywide Growth Strategy.

Indigenous Gathering Place

This item will be brought forward after receiving approval at Calgary’s Executive Committee meeting at the end of January.

At that time there were questions around the consultation with Indigenous groups. That will likely come up again as the item is discussed at council.

Planning, other items

This week’s meeting has 13 planning items to cover.

That’s slightly lower than average for a typical Combined Meeting of Council.

There are seven items direct from committee that need council action. (This includes the IGP.)

Along with that, there are a couple of items in-camera.