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The Hall: What’s happening at city council this week – Feb. 7 to 11

City hall gains a bit of speed after only one meeting last week.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect this week on the plates of elected officials.

Intergovernmental Affairs Committee – Feb. 8, 2022

In the latest IGA committee, it’s a relatively light agenda. One item will be done in-camera.  

Federal budget submission

The one item that isn’t subject to privacy in one form or another is the federal budget submission. In it, city admin says they’ve taken a different approach.

“Rather than asking for new funding, the approach here encourages the Government of Canada to dedicate existing spending commitments in partnership with The City, leveraging The City’s own investments,” the admin report reads.

They said in the past, budget submissions have often looked like an inventory of items that need cash.  They instead are taking a thematic approach.

They are encouraging the feds to examine existing spending structures to help advance city priorities (ahem, Green Line). They want the feds to help them leverage their own city investments. Along with that, they’re after the feds “fiscal firepower” to invest in proven local solutions.

Finally, they want the federal government to move money fast, look at areas that achieve multiple positive outcomes and be replicable elsewhere in Canada.

Affordable housing – IGA update

This update confirms the city’s commitment to working with federal and provincial partners to advance its affordable housing strategy.

Since the city’s affordable housing goals were endorsed last May, the provincial and federal governments have had new programs or strategies that impact city goals.

The update calls for Mayor Jyoti Gondek to continue advocacy with both orders of government.

Community Development Committee – Feb. 9, 2022

The CDC meeting has a handful of items for committee members. 

One of them is an update on COVID-19 health measures, which will be timely given the province’s likely decision to roll back restrictions.

Here’s the main one to watch this week:

Addressing Street Harassment in Calgary

This item follows up work done last summer on street harassment in Calgary.

Most notably, it adds a specific definition of harassing behaviour and a $500 penalty for those charged under the bylaw.  It also adds a $50 fine for carrying a visible knife in public.

Other items on the agenda include: BIA board appointments, a Civic Partner update with Heritage Authority Act amendments and an update on electricity, natural gas and telecommunications.

There are also a couple of items in-camera.

Calgary planning commission – Feb. 10, 2022

The Calgary planning commission has a busier schedule this week. They’ll review one development item and seven planning items on their agenda.