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Two charged, guns and ammo seized after shotgun blows hole in SW Calgary apartment wall

Two men have been charged after a shotgun blew a hole in the wall of a SW Calgary apartment earlier this week.

According to Calgary police, officers were called to an apartment in the 900 block of 14 Avenue SW around 3 a.m. on Jan. 25.

Police said the resident reported that he’d been woken up by a loud bang and then found a hole in his bedroom wall above his headboard.  Police said the evidence at the scene indicated a shotgun was fired from a neighbouring apartment. 

No one was injured.

A warrant for that apartment was issued and police, including tactical unit members, raided the apartment Jan. 26. One of the suspects was seen scaling down the outside of the building from the fourth floor, police said.

That person was arrested along with another in the apartment.

“This was a terrifying event for the occupants who awoke to the sound of a gunshot big enough to blast a hole in the wall, right above where they were sleeping. Illegal use and storage of firearms is a matter of public safety that we take very seriously,” said General Investigations Unit Staff Sgt. Kurt Jacobs.

Michael Stoffels, 39 of Calgary, and Paul Joseph Fettig, 40, of Calgary, face multiple charges in connection with the incident. Both will appear in court in April.