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Calgary police, BC RCMP team up in $13 million illegal drug bust

Calgary police teamed up with British Columbia RCMP to dismantle a $13 million illegal drug operation.

In April 2021, the Calgary police were tipped about an illegal online portal for the sale of psilocybin and cannabis products. They believed it was operating out of a Calgary residence.

The eight-month investigation collected digital and physical evidence and eventually ID’d suspects in connection with the website thechronfather.ca. They also identified several BC properties that were allegedly used for production, distribution and storage sites.

According to police, it’s alleged the sellers collected more than $11 million through the online portal, they say funded organized crime operations.

The raid

On Dec. 7 and 8, five search warrants were executed at properties in Calgary, Kelowna and Beaverdell, BC.  The bust resulted in the seizure of:

  • Approximately $13 million worth of cannabis, including roughly 2,636 kilograms of dried cannabis and cannabis plants, 7.2 kilograms of shatter, and various amounts of cannabis oils/resin and edibles.
  • More than $85,000 worth of psilocybin, also known as mushrooms, in both dried and gummy forms.
  • $63,000 in Canadian currency.
  • Four rifles and various ammunition.
  • A Ford F350 as proceeds of crime.

Two people were arrested and charges are pending, police said.

“By operating outside of the regulated cannabis production, processing and distribution channels, these individuals put citizens at significant risk,’ said Inspector Phil Hoetger of the CPS Technical Operations Section.

“Not only did purchases made through this website fund illegal organized criminal activities, production and storage facilities of this size are often the target of accompanying violence that puts our community at risk. Additionally, without any regulatory oversight, there were no measures in place to ensure that these products were safe for consumption.”

The BC and Alberta Civil Forfeitures offices have begun looking at four properties and several bank accounts.

Anyone with further information is asked to call 403-266-1234.