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Upcoming tech launch party celebrates 10 Calgary startups

Ten Calgary-based start-ups will be celebrated at the 12th annual Innovation Week Launch Party, hosted by Startup Calgary.

The launch party event will be held online Nov. 23, and the tech-focused start-ups will get the chance to make a pitch to investors and the greater innovation community in Calgary.

The 10 companies

10Adventures is a platform for adventure travel allowing users to plan their own trip (using free resources) or book a tour with local guides in over 75 countries. 10Adventures will help over 1.5 million adventurers plan their own trip in 2021.

Discovery DNA offers a novel way of diagnosing rare diseases using genetic testing.

Integrity Technology Solutions is a high-growth audit automation company passionate about solving the problems in the energy industry’s joint interest accounting and audit space. Their technology focuses on using AI and ML to validate invoices (in the context of complex accounting agreements). 

Levelling Up offers a unique, powerful, and affordable opportunity for growing artists to secure success and experience joy by combining interactive mentorship and trusted community.

SOS Web democratizes the use of augmented reality by making it simple to understand, simple to implement, and much more affordable. Now everyone can use and benefit from the potential augmented reality brings.

SpikeFli is a cloud-based software platform that centralizes important information enterprises and governments require to manage telecommunications assets including vendors, contracts, reports, users, invoices, payments, and spending.    

Tracecost uses technology to predict the outcomes of projects using data companies already have (such as the planned start and end date of various phases of the project) to learn the completion rate of the team and predict the likelihood of delivering on time. 

Village Wellth connects individuals to business acquisition opportunities, helps them build buyer credibility, and gives them access to expert guidance along the way.

Wordkit AI provides AI-powered solutions to automate the generation of the product listing, helping you create compelling product listings quickly and easily.

Xerris is a technology leader specializing in digital transformation through microservice development, frontend development, cloud migration, and DevOps – delivered technology-focused solutions for agricultural, banking, energy, and e-commerce companies throughout the world.

Tickets still available

Companies are selected through a specific criterion, which includes: They must have been in operation for three years, be revenue positive and have potential for growth.

“This diverse group of startups represents the vibrancy of our innovation ecosystem,” said Dr. Terry Rock, President and CEO of Platform Calgary, in a prepared statement.

“As a community, we can both learn from the exciting things they are achieving and rally around them to help them make their next breakthrough on their way to scale. These startups, and the founders and teams behind them, are an inspiration and put Calgary on the map as a global tech hub.”

Tickets are still available for the launch party event.