Have a spectacular senior in your life? Rümi wants to know

Rümi is like a trusted neighbour - expert advice and home solutions

If you know a special senior nominate them to win a great Rümi reward! PEXELS

We owe a lot of thanks to those who came before us to build a great Calgary.

Building a strong city starts at home.

Calgary’s seniors are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to caring for and maintaining a happy home. After all, they’ve been doing it for decades.

Rümi, the multiservice home solutions platform powered by ATCO, serving Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding communities, wants to recognize these seniors and share their wisdom with others.

Right now, Albertans can read real stories about how seniors have built and maintained their homes. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your homes, this is the place to find it.

Plus, you can nominate a senior who you think deserves recognition for the amazing way they’ve cared for, shaped and maintained their home or yard.  Are they great at home repairs? Do they have a spectacularly manicured yard? Rümi wants to know.

You can nominate a deserving senior, and they could win up to $500 in Rümi services to keep their digs looking sharp.  Plus, they’ll also get the chance to be photographed by Calgary photographer Neil Zeller. He’s the man behind the popular “porch-raits” that were taken during COVID-19.

Nominations close Oct. 22, so time is running out. If you want some recognition for a hardworking senior you know, it’s time to step up that nomination.

What’s Rümi?

Don’t know much about Rümi?  

They’re a lot like a trustworthy neighbour. They provide expert advice and solutions for every aspect of your home. From landscaping, roofing, painting, plumbing and everything in between, Rümi covers it all, teaming up with Alberta businesses to help you get your to-do list done.

Dedicated to homeowner happiness, residents can book services with local technicians, talk to experts and purchase quality home products all at rumi.ca.

In fact, they’re a lot like those seniors that have built strong neighbourhoods in your community.

Winners will be selected shortly after the Oct. 22 deadline.

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