Creative Cycle celebrates 3 years of ideas and client innovation

Creative Cycle is helping drive creativity and innovation for Alberta clients who need to build their reputation locally and around the world. CONTRIBUTED

It’s been a three-year journey filled with ups and downs but summed best with the words adaptability and agility.

Creative Cycle, a Calgary-based international business representation agency, first hung out their shingle on April 16, 2018. Orchestrator Afif Tabish wanted to deliver a diversified experience for clients, helping connect them with others internationally, but also locally.

Their first anchor client was with 31-year-old education charity and STEM pioneer MindFuel where Creative Cycle spearheaded their international footprint outside Canada, in addition to playing a role in promoting and connecting the charity with a variety of different institutions.

Next, Aleppo Savon of Calgary was added to their growing book of clients. Creative Cycle helped establish Aleppo Savon’s brand in Calgary and get their products distributed in all Calgary Co-op stores. When COVID-19 rolled in, Creative Cycle designed a strategy that would help Aleppo with surviving the COVID-19 pandemic by collaborating with the Canadian Red Cross to launch a fundraiser featuring a new soap made with Neem oil, long valued for its medicinal properties. Twenty-five per cent of the proceeds went to Red Cross’ Covid-19 Global Appeal fund. However, more needed to be done.

With travel restrictions and the temporary shutdown of their Beirut office, “Creative Cycle’s launch to success was paused. Like everyone else, we had to think of creative ways to grow our business,” Tabish said.

Creative Cycle office in Beirut during participation in LDE 19 conference. CONTRIBUTED

So, he did. When Canada faced a shortage of PPE, Tabish was one of the first to be able to connect provincial and federal governments with accredited personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers through his international connections with Canadian manufacturers in China.  

That created a window to work with a group of partners to build a medical personal protective equipment operation here in Canada. MasterMask was established in Spring of 2020 by a team composed of experienced manufacturers, engineers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

“As of today, MasterMask can be found at a variety of different pharmacies and are in all four quadrants of the city,” Tabish said.

Tabish continues to add more Canadian PPE alternatives to his medical equipment production and distribution arm of Creative Cycle, 403PPE. His goal is to support/create Canadian jobs while reducing Canada’s dependence on foreign-made, unregulated, untested PPE. 

Inspiring Calgary’s small businesses and future entrepreneurs

Although Creative Cycle serves a variety of sectors, Tabish said he never thought he’d be in the medical supply business. But it’s an example of how he was able to identify a potential barrier and adapt to the changing world all while supporting and growing Canadian businesses.

It’s a signal to others that being agile with a problem-solving mindset can lead entrepreneurs past potential failure and into success.  His hoping his energy rubs off on other would-be small business owners.

Creative Cycle booth at LDE 2019 showcasing Canadian companies. CONTRIBUTED

That’s the buzz he brings to the clients he serves.

“At the end of the day, our secret to success is just how our due diligence, our high regard to customer service and high regard to quality in anything we represent – we are a trustworthy, honest agency” said Tabish.

Creative Cycle has a track record of connecting businesses to areas of local opportunity. Their international connections also open doors to markets around the world for those Calgary companies wanting to take their operations to the next level.

Their ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service continues to drive more companies to onboard their offerings with Creative Cycle’s adaptive and agile business development solutions.

You can follow Creative Cycle’s journey by following them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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