Equally safe: Calgary partnership first-of-its kind to tackle domestic violence

Calgary police partnering with 5 city groups to address gender-based domestic violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations and has risen significantly during COVID-19.

Under international human rights frameworks, nations have obligations to address gender-based violence in all its forms.

It is our collective responsibility to support Government of Canada’s National Action Plan to end Gender-Based Violence and promote and advance gender equality in Canada.

The Equally Safe Domestic Conflict Response Team (DCRT) in Calgary has started this cross-sector initiative to support this social cause.

The Equally Safe Domestic Conflict Response Team (DCRT) in Calgary is the first domestic violence response unit of its kind in Canada that utilizes an intersectional approach to address the issue of domestic, gender-based, and family violence.

Calgary police partner with 5 community agencies

Calgary Police Service has partnered with five community agencies within the city to tackle the epidemic of domestic violence plaguing the city. This includes Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA), YWCA Calgary, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, Kerby Centre, and Awo Taan Healing Lodge.

The Equally Safe Team is a unique collaboration of agencies that provide timely and effective assessment, intervention and referral services to individuals and families experiencing family violence and abuse.

The Equally Safe Team provides specialized services by addressing the unique needs of individuals of all ages and backgrounds through safety planning and navigation of community resources.

An Equally Safe Constable works with the community partner/s to employ early intervention and prevention strategies to reduce the risk of harm to the individual or family.

The program offers support for survivors and their families, customized support for Indigenous and ethno-cultural families, culturally appropriate responses while promoting a coordinated service response system for the entire family.

Resources available to help

Gender-based violence affects everyone and Canadians collectively spend a lot to deal with the aftermath each year.

There are many resources available to address the impacts of gender-based violence on individuals and to offset the costs of violence related to social, health, justice, employment, and community supports.

As a society, we can do a lot for survivors by believing them and supporting them in their struggle of coming back to life.

For more details about Equally Safe, please visit www.ciwa-online.com or call (403) 263-4414 ext. 142.

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