LiveWired in Calgary – Episode 30: Eau Claire YMCA closure, the bow wave and Calgary’s film industry

Calgary film, business property tax and inner-city recreation on tap this month!

The YMCA announced the permanent closure of the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA. GOOGLE / GEORGE YOUNES

It’s the February edition of LiveWired in Calgary broadcast on CJSW 90.9 FM!

This month, host Darren Krause, editor at LiveWire Calgary, talks with Beltline Neighbourhoods Association president Peter Oliver and Ward 8 councillor Evan Woolley about the loss of inner city recreation. They don’t hold back!

City businesses might get a reprieve, with zero tax cap approved at committee. But, what’s this about a bow wave?

We also talk with Calgary Film Commissioner Luke Azevedo about ongoing good news for Calgary’s film and television industry.

That – and a handful of other things – Enjoy!

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  1. The closure of the Eau Claire YMCA is really the canary in the coal mine. To those who never utilized the facility most of the patrons came from adjacent communities and white collar Oil and Gas professionals. Myself I had been a member for 8 years as a Plus Member (2012-2020) and worked in the energy sector. In 2012 the Eau Claire Y had so many members that even at 5:30 am the upstairs weight section would be buzzing with activity …. it was like a type A personality version of Woodstock. Beginning in 2015 I started noticing numbers falling , more guys in the Plus talking about layoffs…..Repsol , Husky , Encana . Faces that I had seen everyday for 5-6 years stopped coming and then you would hear about the loss of employment. To those who are unaware the Eau Claire Men’s Plus had a pretty influential list of members… Jim Gray , Jay Mehr ( Shaw )and even with those “type” of members the facility closed. The commodity crash of 2015 eliminated so many white collar professions within O&G ( geology, legal ,engineering , finance , chemistry , admin) that the Eau Claire Y was done before the puck dropped despite fiscal prudence exhibited by its board. In 2010 the Y had 10,000 members today the numbers sit at 1,900. The loss of these white collar jobs is devastating for Calgary , the closure of the Y is just a symptom of this.

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