4 potential questions created for Calgary speed limit plebiscite

The City of Calgary has a proposed bylaw to reduce the unposted speed limit to 40 km/h within city boundaries. LIVEWIRE CALGARY FILE PHOTO

Topline information:

Calgary city councillors will be presented with recommendations on Feb. 1 to approve a bylaw that would reduce the unposted speed limit in Calgary from 50 km/h to 40 km/h.

What you should know:

  • They will also be presented with potential questions to put on October’s municipal election ballot. The four questions are below. (Vote which one you like best!)
  • These questions have NOT yet been accepted. The notion of adding the question hasn’t yet been approved in council.  
  • City administration doesn’t recommend using this tool on this specific issue.
  • According to city administration, “As a vote on a question is non-binding, it can only serve to inform a future Council debate on this issue.”
  • The cost to make the speed limit change would be $2.3 million. City traffic specialists say that would be easily recouped city wide with injury and property damage prevention.
  • Elections Calgary said a $50,000 contingency should be included in the cost of the upcoming election to pose this question on the ballot.

The questions:

Reduced speed limit questions by Darren Krause

Which one is best?

Further reading:

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