Calgary Parking Authority GM, two managers fired

No details on possible investigation, search for new GM begins

The Calgary Parking Authority. LIVEWIRE CALGARY FILE PHOTO

Three members of the Calgary Parking Authority management have been sacked after a suspected whistleblower investigation.

The city provided few details but did confirm that a search for a new GM is underway. In the interim, they have named Moe Houssaini as acting general manager.

Glen Furtado was the GM of the CPA for the past 30 months.

Doug Morgan, the City of Calgary’s GM of Transportation and temporary chair of the Calgary Parking Authority committee, couldn’t confirm the roles of the other two people, though it’s believed it was the organization’s HR manager and the facilities manager.

“What I can confirm is there’s three employees that are no longer with the parking authority,” he told LiveWire Calgary on Tuesday morning.

Morgan said he couldn’t confirm details around the dismissals. When asked about it being a part of an investigation, Morgan again could not provide comment.

Other Calgary Parking Authority layoffs

This news also comes as the Calgary Parking Authority confirmed operational changes resulting in nine other layoffs.

On Nov. 30, the positions of nine people within parking safety and compliance were eliminated. Patrol and dispatch duties were combined to “remove redundancies and uncover efficiencies,” the CPA said.

“Decisions such as this are difficult and are never the first option considered. It was in keeping with CPA’s commitment to responsible management of publicly owned assets,” said Acting GM Houssaini.

“It is important for the public to know that the level of service will not be affected, in fact we expect this decision will result in quicker response times.”

The decision was not related to the recent City of Calgary budget, and wasn’t done as a way to save labour costs, the CPA said.

Morgan confirmed that the search for a new GM would begin.

“They are continuing to provide great service to Calgarians; they continue their operations, even responding in a COVID world,” he said.

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  1. its about time these guys got their act together , I can only hope the new GM will do something about the selective enforcement in the downtown core

    I have watched these guys walk right by City vehicles , taxis ,and delivery vehicles in handicap spots like it doesn’t matter

    Parking rates near the highest in North America when our economy has been declining for 10 years

    Parking rules are for everyone , start enforcing them fairly

    CPA is a joke , clean it up , fire them all and start over

    • privatize the operations to better control the overhead and ridiculous salaries being paid to the CPA

  2. CPA is losing so much money by not ticketing and towing cars as they are called. They should clean it up and hire proper people to do the right job.

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