Owner of 90-year-old Calgary bonspiel trophy trying to draw its way home

Vancouver residents unearths Calgary treasure connected to local curling scene

The Calgary Brewery Cup from the 1930s (Sandy James / Twitter)

Sandy James was at a summer sale in Vancouver when she stumbled upon a unique piece of Calgary history.

It’s a silver trophy she believes is related to a curling team or tournament from the 1930s.

“When I looked online, it looked like there was a whole series of some curling games that happened around southern Alberta,” said James.

“It’s kind of neat to see something come out at a time that’s so similar to now.”

The trophy has several engravings on it including William A. Rogers Ltd. Toronto; a silver producer, the names of the winning team, as well as the name Calgary Brewery across the top of the cup.

For some time, James has been researching the names engraved on the trophy in attempt to track down the families.

She said that one of the names is related to Calgary’s heritage.

“The Otteson name is a very old pioneer name in Calgary,” she said.

“Someone has taken the time to carefully engrave all the names on it, and you just don’t see that.”

She hasn’t yet been able to find anyone who might be related to those who won the cup.

A snippet of an Alberta newspaper from 1928 that lists James’ trophy as a prize (NEWSPAPERS.COM)

History is brewing

In a tweet, local Calgary musician Matt Masters said that the Calgary Brewery sponsored a few Curling trophies in the past.

“The Brewers Cup was a local challenge cup awarded intermittently from 1918 until the 1950s,” he said.

Others have also taken to Twitter to try and help James’ quest to return the trophy to the families of the teams.

The Calgary Brewery went through several changes through the 20th Century. After being taken over by Molson in 1989, they stopped production in 1994.

“I just thought it would be really fun to get it back to the rightful owner,” said James.

“It’s a lovely, silver, classic cup.”


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  1. Hi. I live in Calgary and at the moment the Calgary Brewery sits empty and rotting away even while it has been declared a historic site. I do not know any of the family of the names on the trophy but have been a collector of Calgary Brewery items for over a decade to preserve its legacy. If your attempt fails to find any family members for the trophy I would be grateful if I could purchase it for my ever growing collection. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Respectfully your Brian

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