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Calgary city council: Big items on tap this week – here’s your review

Calgary city council watchers have their next couple days charted out, with several big items on this week’s Combined Meeting of Council agenda.

We thought we’d provide you a road map of what’s ahead and some background on each of those items.

NOTE: It’s difficult to say when these items will come up at council. While they appear one way on the agenda, councillors can make changes and move items to certain times during the meeting.

You can watch LIVE starting at 9:30 a.m. here.

AHS Dispatch consolidation

This should be the first item after councillors approve the consent agenda.

AHS Chief Paramedic Darren Sandbeck is expected to be in council to talk with councillors today. 

BACKGROUND: 911 – Why Calgary opposes the EMS dispatch change

AHS Letter to the Editor on Calgary EMS dispatch change

Alberta mayors stand firm in opposition to consolidation

The consolidation is expected to go into effect Jan. 1, 2021.

11 community business cases

This highly controversial issue may come to council Monday, but more likely on Tuesday. It involves council’s approval of communities in the Growth Management Overlay area.

BACKGROUND: Risky business: 11 new Calgary communities post market demand problems, say councillors

 Decision on 11 new community business cases forwarded to Calgary city council

Developer campaign funding questions dog Calgary city councillors ahead of 11 community vote – HOW MUCH DEVELOPMENT CASH DO THEY GET?

Residential parking permit program

The Transportation and Transit committee narrowly approved administrations recommendations on the permit parking situation.

BACKGROUND: Calgary residential permit parking: Should it be a user pay system?

Minimum parking requirements for Calgary business

In an effort to provide more flexibility for Calgary businesses when it comes to parking, the city will decide on allowing some businesses to avoid commercial parking requirements.

BACKGROUND: Calgary to examine removal of parking minimums on commercial uses

Calgary Neighbourhood speed limits

Another controversial issue will come to council and the public will get to have their say.

The move is to have an unposted speed limit citywide of 40 km/h  and a posted 50 km/h on collectors, unless a lower speed could be accommodated.

BACKGROUND: Council committee approves speed reduction to 40 km/h

IN DEPTH: Drop to 30 km/h residential speed limit the first step in changing road design: Coun. Farrell

Calgary community says having a 30 km/h speed limit comes with mixed results

More items

Council will also discuss the final report of the council compensation review committee.

There will also be conversations on the Eau Claire fire station and A motion from Coun. Evan Woolley on moving five per cent of the city’s police budget to other city services.

There may be more, and we’ll do our best to stay on top of it.