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Calgary non-profit looking for warehouse space to service its community

Sankofa Arts and Music foundation is looking for a warehouse to continue its food depot program.

The Calgary based non-profit organization said they need the space to hold food donations that will be given to Calgarians in need throughout the winter months.

“Right now, we have an opportunity to get some food, given to us free, a great amount of food,” said Norm Freele, Sankofa’s board chair.

“And we don’t have a space for it.”

The organization would need a space of at least 2,000 square feet, a freezer, a cooler, a dry storage space, and a dock to hold food donations that are coming in from other organizations and individuals in Calgary.

The foundation had a space in the northeast Calgary in April of this year, and wants to continue with the program and do their part to help families in need.

That’s what their organization is all about.

Freele said that Marion Ashton, the executive director of Sankofa, recognized the necessity for something like this.

Marion Ashton, the founder and executive director of Sankofa Arts and Music Foundation (OMAR SHERIF/FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY)

“There’s just people hurting out there,” he said. She saw the need and she started canvassing for food donations.

Beyond the needs of youth

Sankofa is a non-profit dedicated to building communities and addressing concerns for vulnerable youth and their families.

But the food depot goes beyond the families of the Sankofa youth.

“We felt there was a need out there for it,” said Freele.

“Not just for Sankofa kids and their families, but this is a pretty wide brush of people who are suffering from food insecurity.”

The foundation said that food prices will rise closer to Christmas time. Many families will need the food depot to operate. But that can’t happen if they don’t have a space for it.

They’re asking members of the community to reach out to help them service Calgary families in need.

You can contact Marion Ashton at 403-805-5334 with any information or resources that may help.