Clean things up with care from Calgary’s Mango Maids

Tell me you haven’t moved away from a Calgary home or apartment and forgotten all the nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned.

Mango Maids won’t let that happen.

They don’t want anyone to get that stiff cleaning bill from a landlord, so they’ve got it covered for you. Mango Maids also makes sure landlords deliver a sparkling clean home to new tenants.

It’s a full, move in, move out cleaning service for Calgary.

Eric Peralta has been pioneering customer excellence at Mango Maids for the past decade and they have devised a simple, yet comprehensive checklist to make sure a home is move in or move out ready.

Baseboards? Check.

Light fixtures? Check.

What about those window tracks? Check.

“The checklist can be adjusted to what is needed, because clients can choose what they want or need done,” said Eric.

This process ensures the cleaning is done right and there’s a clear understanding of what’s going to be cleaned.

Customer focused – from contact to completion

Mango Maids gets all of those little nooks and crannies in your home. CONTRIBUTED

Eric said they go out of their way to make the process as easy as possible right from their first contact with a client.

“People find it easy to book, easy to understand how we charge and the job that’s going to be done,” he said.

That’s reflected in their exceptional client reviews. They’re one of the highest rated cleaning companies in both Calgary and Edmonton.

They aren’t content to sit on their laurels. There’s continual improvement and if a client doesn’t have a great experience, they address it immediately.

“It’s how you deal with it. It’s how you respond to that complaint,” Eric said.

Plus, they have staff that care about the work they do – and the customers. Eric said they take pride in making sure their team is taken care of. From pay to perks, they believe in a fair and equitable work environment.

“As you can imagine, if you have a happy worker, what’s going to be their results?” He said.

More than just cleaning

Beyond the move-in/out services, Mango Maids delivers nine different service areas – from car detailing to snow removal and roll off bin rentals.

In each of these areas, the same care and attention is taken to ensure the job is done right, in a way that keeps their clients coming back.

To get more than just a surface cleaning – and customer service that wipes away the competition – visit Mango Maids to book your service.

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