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Calgary Chamber of Commerce begins search for president to replace Dr. Sandip Lalli

After two-and-a-half years Calgary Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Dr. Sandip Lalli will step aside as the city business organization transitions.

The Chamber said in a release on Monday that due to COVID-19 and the unprecedented change in Calgary’s economy, they would begin “repositioning.”

Dr. Lalli, who took on the role in April 2018, will remain on as a strategic advisor during the changeover. The release said that the decision for Dr. Lalli to step aside was mutually agreed.

“Our Board of Directors would like to thank Sandip Lalli for her service and commitment to the Chamber of Commerce and its business members. Sandip has provided critical leadership for the Chamber and Calgary businesses, particularly during the global pandemic, and we are grateful to have her continued strategic guidance during this transitionary period,” said Brent Cooper, Chair of the Board of Directors.

“The Chamber recognizes that we need to reposition the organization to best represent the needs of the many businesses across Calgary facing this pivotal time in a post-COVID world.” 

New focus for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Lalli said that with the ongoing economic situation, made worse by COVID-19, it was a natural time for a transition.

“The current economic situation facing businesses across our city makes way for a new focus by the Chamber,” said Dr. Lalli.

“This is a natural time for change, and I am looking forward to pursuing new opportunities. I am proud of what our Chamber team and I have achieved over the last several years, with the support of our dynamic business community.”

During the re-organization of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, they will search for a new president and CEO.

Murray Sigler, former CEO of Sport Calgary, will head the transition team for the Chamber. Sigler will also be handling the day-to-day operations until a new president has been found.