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Calgary working from home: Business on the top, coronavirus quarantine on the drop

If you’re going to be working from home during the COVID 19 pandemic, Calgary, you might as well be somewhat comfortable while you do it.

Working professionals and entrepreneurs alike are pairing their swankiest garments with their coziest, in order to maintain the balance between professional and casual.

Long and McQuade sales associate Alex Popravko is employed by one of the few Calgary businesses still in limited operation, and can appreciate having a steady flow of income that allows him to focus on his music in his spare time.

Popravoko said as far as “quaran-times” go, it’s really actually just business as usual.

“I very much recognize and appreciate my privilege in still being able to leave the domicile and reap an income in these trying times,” he said.

“My source of conventional-ish employment is thus far, uniquely positioned to continue operating, albeit in a heavily modified manner.”

“Benefits of working from home? I can surpass my limits comfortably. I’m on my fourth cup of coffee when usually I’m just on my second.” – Mayoung Maniel Mayoung

Mayoung Maniel Mayoung, who works in the claims department for Intact Insurance, said that it’s important to find a balance when you can’t leave work at the office.

“Obviously we’ve had changes to our workflow, and the main focus has been making sure everyone can work reasonably, and be safe doing so at home,” he said.

“Focus has kind of been on making sure people can feel normal when they eventually return to the office.”

Alex Mcleod, a claims adjuster for The Co-operators Insurance and Financial Services,  said he also feels lucky to be able to maintain a sense of normalcy during this time.

“Mondays in quarantine.” – Alex Mcleod


“My heart goes out to all my family and friends who are not so fortunate to not have their lives totally upturned,” he said.

Making the most of an arguably uncomfortable situation is not without its disadvantages,

Mayoung recognized that being away from his work team presents its own challenges.

“Working from home, as comfortable as it is, lacks the things that can support me being more productive,” he said.

“Believe it or not, wearing a blazer over a onesie really isn’t that comfortable.” – Samantha Stehr, teacher

Samantha Stehr, a middle school teacher at McKenzie Highlands Middle School, said that while she’s grateful to still be working, she feels disconnected from her students and her colleagues.

“I love being able to work in sweats and be comfortable all day, but I find that leaving the house and having my routine is very important for my mental health,” she said.

“I’m really working on putting stability in my day by doing workouts to help with the mental health side of things.”